2 comments on “The Great Traffic Scam Our Local Government at Work

  1. Not only is it unethical, it’s actually illegal what they’re doing yet no one seems to pick up on it. I was in traffic court recently being attacked by the prosecutor, the officer who ticketed me as well as the judge just for pleading “not guilty” and actually citing the law which proved I am innocent — his response? You’re guilty because the officer said so (no evidence needed) and pay by September 11 LOL (I am brown).

    How do you fight these fat losers sitting up on the judge’s seat abusing their power?

  2. You fight these by doing exactly what I described in te above article. If you are convicted in city court, most jurisdictions have the give the defendant the option to appeal to a jury trial. At that point your odds of aquittal increase astronomically. If I can help in any way feel free to contact me.

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