3 comments on “Does Everyone Deserve An Education???

  1. I completely agree with you. College tuition is ridiculously high, and it keeps going up. I have a theory that college is so expensive because everyone has to pay for the kids who can’t afford to pay anything, or the kids who get to attend for “free”. I mean why else would it keep raising so significantly, now that everyone has to go to college?

  2. You’re right, it’s because as a society we have cultivated a belief that every person is entitled to a college education and is just simply not true. Some people are college material , some people aren’t.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. I agree with your point. We also diluted the meaning of grades so everyone is about equal. Now, it’s almost politically incorrect to give someone a grade lower than a B. There shouldn’t be a lot of A grades or they don’t mean anything.

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