One comment on “John Kerry And The Obama Administration Are Out Of Touch Concerning Russia Putin And The Ukraine

  1. re “out of touch”

    I agree, but the mechanism running in geopolitics is deeper – essentially it’s MacKinder’s “earth island” v “sea peoples” – and the sea peoples are the angloamericans. Russia was is and shall be the target, then China. Unless they stop… But they cannot stop. Similarly, as you must know, the Russians have always fought to the end – and so far anyway the end occurs when their opponent is obliterated. The american president has the charge of achieving this goal – the alignment of russian resources with “western capitalist desires” – whatever physical or rhetorical outrages may be “necessary” this goal is not negotiable.

    The Russian geopolitical philosopher A. Dugan has spoken and written on his own views. Logical. Marxist in the sense of taking a logical and scientific aproach to things…a Russian nationalist…Mac, you might have read him.

    BTW, Steve Allen did a Meeting of the Mind that’s on YT – with Machiavelli as one of his dinner guests. Fun show!

    Later OM

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